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I remember watching the Special Edition versions of Star Wars on VHS, and remember being amazed at the ingenuity of how the Death Star for Episode IV was made. This image just made me think about that, and how I wish there was still that same ingenuity, but there isn’t for the most part, and it’s depressing.


Xbox and LucasArts unleashed the fury of their upcoming Xbox 360 Star Wars Bundle at Comic-Con! It comes equipped with a R2D2 custom looking console + sounds, a gold C3P0 controller, a white Kinect, Star Wars Kinect, Kinect Adventures and a 320GB hard drive! More glorious photos can be found here.

You can now throw down a pre-order at Amazon ($449.99)!

Xbox 360 Star Wars Bundle

Via: Major Nelson - Twitter

I honestly really just want the gold controller but the console doesn’t look too bad either.

JarOfHearts(:: New Blogger(:


Its almost the end of summer for me and I want to just go back in time and replay it over and over again..(: In a few days i will be going back home to get ready for my new school„i’m kinda scared and also excited, i’ve missed my family so much! But then again as soon as I leave my boyfriends…

Aww… I’m going to miss you too when you go… It’s going to be so weird when you leave,.. but ive had a great time with you this summer!! :)

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